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About a month ago our dear friend Jessica Bobitsky owner of Golden Poultry & Meats asked how she might help those in need by providing 200 free turkeys for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

From that moment in time we gave the project a working title: 200 Turkeys + 200 Golden Families.

Jessica and Rob Bobitsky know a thing or two about turkey and giving back to the community.

Hear our Cloud Podcast with Jessica about this new mission in Golden.

They also own Wheat Ridge Poultry and Meats (which has been around since the 1940s) and since taking over the family business they have donated literally tons of food to those in need.

All Natural and Locally Sourced.
Located at 1224 Washington Avenue in Golden, Colorado

That tradition continues at Golden Poultry & Meats located in Miners Alley.

For this project we knew we could not go it alone.

Our first stop was to the Christian Action Guild to see if our dream might be of interest. The CAG is a non-profit built to serve the needs of those who are experiencing hardship in Golden.

Since 1966: the Christian Action Guild.

For as long as anyone can remember the CAG has provided holiday gift boxes from its neighborhood pantry located at 14th and Ford Street for any family in need.

Every holiday these boxes are filled with traditional side dishes that everyone can appreciate: like stuffing, mash potato mix, gravy, a green bean casserole kit, cranberries and pumpkin pie makings for desert.

Kelly Ivan the CAG’s remarkable Executive Director, was thrilled with the idea but there was a dilemma.

Hear our podcast with Kelly from the Cloud Beetle.

Kelly was concerned that there would only be enough food in the community pantry to prepare 150 CAG Food Boxes to go with Golden Poultry and Meats 200 Turkeys in time for the set distribution date of Tuesday, November 23.

Our Dream was now reduced to 150 Boxes but not for long!

Enter the Rotary Club of Golden.

When Jamie Sheridan, a local trademark lawyer and an active member of The Rotary Club of Golden learned of our shortage he quickly sprung into action.

What’s more Jamie is an avid listener to 96.9 the Cloud.

With the help of club president Ken Boggs, the Rotary Club of Golden approved the funds needed as a charitable donation to the CAG for the additional 50 food boxes.

In fact, it was Jamie who articulated that free turkeys, combined with the boxes provide much more than just a meal. There’s a certain dignity to being able to allow a family in need to prepare a healthy holiday meal at home with family.

Within days good things begin to happen for our now titled project: Dignity Tuesday.

We now had 200 turkeys to go with 200 dignity boxes but there was still something missing: Bread!

Enter Kathy Mullen and Jeff Cleary the local owners of Grateful Bread.

Everyone knows the wonderful flavor, selection and artisan quality of Grateful Bread in Golden.

Folks on West Colfax have long awaited the aroma of baking Grateful Bread wafting through the neighborhood every weekend and even in the face of the pandemic Kathy + Jeff remained stalwart to get Grateful Bread to area restaurants and to their loyal customers.

Grateful Bread: There Could Not Be a Better Name

Within hours Grateful Bread committed to donating 200 fresh baked Ciabatta Loafs to add to our Dignity Boxes.

We now had 200 Locally Sourced Fresh Turkeys, 200 CAG Golden Dignity Boxes and 200 Loafs of fresh baked Grateful Bread.

Ciabatta is the perfect choice as a family breaking bread tradition for centuries.

We were all set but now it was time to get the word out to those most in need.

Enter Cassie Sander from BGOLDN.

As BGOLDN Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Manager our need to get the word to those in need just got easier for our team of donors.

As The Golden Backpack Program: BGOLDN has long paved the way to effectively distribute food and meals to Golden School Children and Families.

During the pandemic BGOLDN kept school age children fed last summer in Golden

Combined with the Christian Action Guild we now had the perfect strategic partner to get the word out to those in need about Dignity Tuesday.

Combined Collaboration is what we believe makes Golden so special to 96.9 the Cloud and we’re doing our part to align partners for the common good in small positive steps to help.

This is only the beginning.

On behalf of 96.9 the Cloud and all of our listeners and advertisers in Jefferson County we’re thrilled to be part of what will no doubt be an annual Golden Tradition for the food insecure of Golden.

I could not be more grateful to this amazing team of givers.

I firmly believe…we all do better together!

Chuck Lontine – 96.9 the Cloud
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96.9 the Cloud is the official radio media partner of GCC.

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