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Ramos Law is Making a Difference in the Cloud.

Ramos Law is Making a Difference in the Cloud.
What Makes Us Different Makes Us Better.

The Ramos Law Difference Makers Series is now heard in the Cloud.

Hosted by Dr. Joe Ramos and Dr. Jim Hoven, these new podcasts bring a refreshing mix of knowledge, expertise and inspiration on a wide variety of topics.

The goal is simple.

Have amazing guests share their wisdom and highlight how they are making a difference in their chosen life paths.

Ramos Law specializes in taking care of people with the same compassion that doctors take care of patients.

This commitment to excellence starts at the top. Its owner, Dr. Joseph Ramos is a certified ER physician, who understands the affect that pain can have on people’s lives and he uses this knowledge to create the best experience for the firms clients.

This new podcast series can be heard anytime on demand and wherever you enjoy your podcasts.

Dr. Joe Ramos and Dr. Jim Hoven.
Kick off the new year with a meaningful and thoughtful podcast from Ramos Law.
Common Sense about COVID-19 in our latest episode.

Ramos Law continues it’s local leadership by keeping our community safe and healthy during this COVID-19 Outbreak.

The firm with locations both here in Colorado and Arizona has just released it’s new virtual client experience platform.

Ramos Law Client Connect is a proprietary system creating a simple and safe way to connect with its clients during these trying times.

You can learn more about Ramos Client Connect by [clicking here] and experience a face-to-face call with a dedicated team member committed to your safety and expert representation.

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