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It’s a matter of The Principal.

It’s a matter of The Principal.

In this weeks featured podcast, I was honored to spend some time on the campus of Golden High School.

The heart of our community: Golden High School.
In the face of the pandemic and daily changes on how to manage Golden’s only high school, Principal Brian Conroy relies on his experience, instincts, dedicated staff and the entire student body to keep everyone: safe + happy.
Meet the remarkably thoughtful Brian Conroy from Golden High School.

Field of Dreams.

We also learned about the new athletic grounds. An entire collaboration between the People of Golden, Civic Leadership and pure vision to serve the student body and community.

New Turf for Golden’s Demons.

As we continue our series of podcasts and on-air features in the Cloud, count on us to bring you the best of Golden each and everyday.

That’s my promise.

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