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Being Golden.

Being Golden.

Hunger is something no one in Golden needs to struggle with thanks to the remarkable efforts of Golden Backpack.

Inspired by the Pandemic, this thoughtful team of volunteers shifted into hyper-gear with the help of city elders to create a brand new Golden Backpack program called simply: Be Golden.

Golden Chefs, entrepreneurs and good neighbors continue to nourish us all.

The name says it all.

Be Golden now feeds anyone in need every weekday at Splash Aquatic Park with the help of a growing roster of local cafes, deli’s and restaurants with a small army of volunteers.

The Cloud sat down with Golden Backpack founder Tyson Noeth to find out more about how it all began and how we can all: Be Golden.

This Time w/Chuck Lontine featuring the work of Golden Backpack.

It’s our way of Being Golden too.

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  1. Glen Sanchez
    September 22, 2020 at 6:53 pm

    Just heard the podcast on the radio too! Love the cloud.

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