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Picture What The Cloud Can Do for Your Business.

Picture What The Cloud Can Do for Your Business.
The Cloud has reached over 1-million listeners in Jefferson County, Colorado
Transparent. Different Car Buying in the Cloud.
Urban Motors has been a proud Cloud supporter since 2017.

The Cloud has perfected our advertising approach for small business.

Click for our latest sample reel of custom Cloud creative commercials.

There’s a jungle of ad choices out there!

96.9 the Cloud signed on the air in Golden on a very snowy night, Valentines Day 2016. Since then, we’ve crafted a universal membership for our advertising partners that allows your business daily access to all of our radio listeners in Jefferson County and digital users online in Colorado.

The Clouds is a Music Lovers Dream.

Our market is most likely your target too

We reach mostly Women 30 plus and Men over the age of 50 with our soft adult rock format (carefully selected to appeal to our core audience in Jefferson County).

This high value proposition is un-matched by any media in Colorado.

The Cloud Go-to-Market Strategy with the right message

Golden Real Estate has been supporting the Cloud since 2017.

First, we will take a good long look into your business. Find out what matters most to you and your target market. Then produce an effective (and, in some cases award winning) audio advertisement that will air daily for the entire time you’re in the Cloud.

Real return on investment with your membership in the Cloud

Quality Billiards in Lakewood is new in the Cloud in 2019.
The Cloud now accepts payments with Square with no fee.

For the brand new year, we have made it very easy to build your business in the Cloud

We are very proud of the Creativity in the Cloud.
Cloud Creative is designed with one goal in mind: your business.

We’ll also connect you to our digital Cloud with our exclusive 24/7 HD stream that now reaches over 50-thousand weekly users right here in Colorado.

The Cloud also lives in Alexa, Google Play and any smartphone, desktop or tablet.

New in the Cloud for the new year!

The Cloud is genuine and true.

With a simple click-point, we can geo target your ad in the Cloud.

Your companies digital images are designed to boost your on-air message in the Cloud.

Our absolute transparency assures our advertising partners a fair, effective marketing campaign geo-targeted to the market we serve.

This past year over 200 members advertised in the Cloud.

We can now add a monthly Podcast to enhance your radio program in the Cloud.
A fun and friendly chat with Chris Cone from the Buffalo Rose in Golden.

We’ve made it very simple to do better business in the Cloud.

24/7 effective ad messages blended with just the best songs on the radio.

You’ll never hear 10 commercials in a row in the Cloud and you’ll always hear our 3-in-a-row trademark of great music.

This music forward policy builds trust with our audience and your customers, that you’ve made the right choice advertising in the Cloud.

It’s all part of the Cloud difference for Colorado.

Want to learn more?

Just call or text me anytime to: 303-382-1000 or email: chucklontine@icloud.com

I hope to hear from you soon!

Chuck Lontine – I’ve been building radio brands in Colorado and Northern California since 1985. My first job in radio was right here in Lakewood at KLIR/KRKS in 1975.
We’re the official media partner of The West Metro Chamber of Commerce.