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There’s a Pod in my Cloud.

There’s a Pod in my Cloud.

The Cloud is now podcasting.

What makes ours so special? Not only is our Cloud based podcast available on-demand from our stream, but you’ll also be able to enjoy our growing episodes on the radio.

Our first podcast features our first advertisers from 2017

Dr. Leah Hahn from Body in Balance Wellness Center visited with us to discuss a current series of classes centered on balance, wellness and mindfulness.

Streaming an on-demand podcast is simple.

Just select the menu option on the Cloud player.

Additional episodes include the very playful Rich Nichols from The Cheese Ranch in Golden, Jim Smith from Golden Real Estate and the savvy CEO of The West Metro Chamber of Commerce: Pamela Bales

The Cloud Podcast is just one more way we can say:

Golden Built. Colorado Proud. Welcome, to the Cloud!

Would you like to hear your business in the Cloud?

It’s real easy.

Just contact me directly at (303) 382-1000 and we can unlock our loyal audience to your message.

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