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(Golden, Colorado): 96.9 the Cloud is a locally owned and produced soft modern music format effectively reaching adults 30 plus in Jefferson County.

As we enter our second year, we now reach over half of the counties total population every month. That’s over a quarter of a million people in our coverage area.

Statistically?  The average age of Jeffco is 40. The Cloud’s is 38.

We are very proud of that and all of our measured audience by The Nielsen Ratings Company is in Jefferson County.

So when you want to reach Jeffco: We’ve got game.

Foothills Motorcycles is a proud supporter of the Cloud!


Demographically our audience is mostly Women 30 plus (60 percent) and Men 50 plus (40 percent). This is a very active buying group for retail, dining, entertainment, travel and auto (banks, finance, healthcare and insurance agents have also found a happy place in the Cloud).

Jim Smith’s Golden Real Estate is heard daily in the Cloud!

There are three ways to advertise in the Cloud.

1). Pin Drops in the Cloud:

These features are recorded on-site at your business.

The general script is “Hi, this is Bob from Paws and Play on Grandview in Olde Town Arvada…welcome, to the Cloud”

I developed this “listeners are clients and clients are listeners” concept early in my career and it’s one of the most effective ways to build frequency and awareness with the audience in a way that sounds both great on the air and a fun way to connect the audience with the advertisers unique message.

These messages air mostly over the weekend and are as little as $25.00 a week.

Learn how to go Tankless in the Cloud!

2). The Traditional + Effective Radio Spot: 

Selling your business to our radio audience is all about story telling.

We write effective and creative stories to showcase your business in the Cloud within a traditional sounding radio commercial.

The Cloud difference is we take as long as it takes to convey an effective message for you.

What matters is the message, not the length of the commercial.

There are two tiers in pricing:

Tier One: $50.00 per week for a minimum of 10 spots per week.

Tier Two: $100.00 per week for a minimum of 20 spots per week.

Special Note: there is a minimum of 16 weeks and we only air commercials that are paid in-advance.


Freshly Picked New Music in the Cloud from Light Shade.

3). Special Promotions in the Cloud:

Year round, the Cloud is partnering with resorts, hotels, fine dining, the arts and venues presenting: Date-Cations in the Cloud.

Targeted to our core: people who are in love and love music.

Like the Cloud on Facebook and you might just win a very special Date-Cation.

There is a title sponsorship available for $3,000.00 that includes co-branding with the radio station and a 52 week radio schedule in the Cloud.

We also produce a Cloud Digital Short to promote the event in social media.

This program is perfect for an advertising partner to co-brand with an effective message in the Cloud.

4). The Clouds Digital Assets:

The Cloud has reached over one million unique listeners on-line since 2016.

What’s more?

Over 70 percent of the cloud’s on-line audience is in Denver County.

Online banners, click-through tiles and special essays are just a few of the Clouds digital features and are priced with your on-air campaign.

These verified click through campaigns are big, fun and effective.

Body in Balance Wellness Center is on the air daily in the Cloud!


The Cloud has a very deep bench of creative talent.

We love our work in the Cloud.

What you hear between the music is fully produced and written by the Cloud team:

  • Josh Goodman: who recently voiced a television ad for the Super Bowl featuring Peyton Manning, is the official station voice of the Cloud
  • Patti Ford: who’s credits include Stickley, ConocoPhillips and PBS-TV, is now the voice of Body in Balance Wellness Center in Golden, The Cheese Ranch and Lightshade in Denver
  • Jonathan Wilde: a powerful and friendly voice from both The Wolf and KOSI 101, he’s now the voice of Hot Water Now, Jensen Flower’s and Colorado Wood Accent
  • Dan Mitchell: who’s been in Denver Radio for over 30 years including 99.5 The Mountain, is now the voice of Car’s Remember When in Englewood, Yard House at Colorado Mills and Hanger 101 in Lakewood.
  • Bill Cochran who’s voice over work is heard on national television and radio around the country and is now the voice of Sunrise Sunset Cafe’s in Jeffco, Foothills Motorcycles, A House of Flags and Farmers Insurance.


A Jeffco Treasure Heard Daily in the Cloud!

I hope you’ll consider us sometime.

I’ve worked in radio my entire adult life. I’m a Colorado Native and in fact grew up here and raised my children here (I’m a grandpa now).

My radio work includes sales and management positions in San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia. Here in Colorado, I managed the national sales team at KOSI 101, built Smooth Jazz K-High and 104.7 the Mile in Vail.

I’ve also had the honor to manage the sales team at KHOW and work with some remarkable people including Denise Plante, Hal Moore and Murphy Huston.

It would be an honor to work for your business.

Not just building bigger business, but better business!

My Very Best,


Chuck Lontine

Moble + Text: 303.382.1000

If you’d like to learn more or schedule a time to visit, please call or text. You can also reach me by filling out the form below, or email me directly at:

Thank you!

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