Our Adult Rock w/Less Talk radio station is locally owned and operated in Golden, Colorado.

Our Cloud based technology allows us to safely do business remotely, with ease and expertise.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about advertising in the Cloud.

Is the Cloud only online?

No, we’re an actual FM radio station!

96.9 FM the Cloud broadcasts from Look Out Mountain in Golden with the highest quality FM stereo transmission technology available.

The Cloud is heard 24/7 on 96.9 FM Radio in Jefferson County in the dark green shaded areas of Golden, Applewood, Wheat Ridge, Old Town Arvada and most of Lakewood.

How much does it cost to advertise in the Cloud?

The Cloud has developed a very simple and affordable way for small business to advertise daily in the Cloud.

Our 2020/21 base ad program is only $100 a month for (3) three :15 second daily ads both on the radio and online (billed 3 months in advance via Square).

This also includes use of our digital “click-through” assets online.

However, our most popular ad program features ten (10) scheduled ads daily, a Cloud Podcast from your business, a feature online in Cloud360 and ad signage on The Cloud Beetle.

This package requires a $5000.00 annual investment (billed quarterly via Square while supply lasts).

Why is the Cloud so affordably priced?!?

Our affordability is a product of the cloud technology we developed to deliver a superior product at a minimal cost and we pass that savings onto our over 200 fiercely loyal daily advertisers.

All our resources go into expanding our technology, audience coverage area and the content you hear in every ad and special feature in the Cloud.

How many listeners does the Cloud have?

The radio station reaches over 100-thousand listeners every day in Jefferson County.

The Cloud employs periodic people meter technology to accurately “count” the number of radios tuned to 96.9 FM.

To date, over 2 million listeners have tuned into the Cloud since we signed on the air in 2015.

In marketing terms, an audio message in the Cloud reaches more listeners in a single day than all of the local newspapers and publications combined.

What is the Cloud’s target demographic?

Our primary audience are Adults over the age of 30.

The Cloud has evolved into a unique Adult Rock, with Less Talk music blend combining both new music discoveries with alternative and classic rock from the 1960’s all the way up to today.

Local Jeffco News Features. More Variety. More Music.

How many users listen to the Cloud online?

The Cloud stream is enjoyed by over 3000 streamers everyday.

In fact, over 80 percent of our streaming audience lives in Denver County and the most listened to hours are throughout the work-day well into the evening.

The Cloud delivers local at work listening and evening listeners daily online.

The Cloud is available from our mobile app, Tunein, Sonos, Google Play, iTunes and Alexa. But, most of our streaming audience are desktop PC (or Mac) users in The Denver-Boulder Radio Market.

This is a tremendous value benefit for the Cloud’s geo-fenced ad partner “click-through” digital assets from our main player.

Listen Now with a simple click.

Does the Cloud Podcast?

Yes, the Cloud podcasts also air on the radio daily and have become one of our most popular features to showcase a small business and non-profits.

Podcasting in the Cloud is a premium service.

Click here to enjoy one of our latest podcasts from Golden, Colorado.

How do I contact the Cloud?

It’s a simple click, and a very safe phone call or text to Chuck Lontine (that’s me): 303-382-1000 or email: chucklontine@icloud.com

I always suggest you spend some time listening first.

Especially on the radio.

It’s important to make sure you like our unique sound, feel we’re a good fit for your business and that you understand our coverage area.

Then, after we safely Zoom or Facetime, it’s important too that we make a healthy connection to do some good business together.

The world is no longer just business as usual…but better business with a partner you can trust.

Our team produces excellent results for our advertisers.
Proud of the company we keep: The Cloud is the official media partner of the West Metro Chamber and The Golden Chamber of Commerce.
We are very proud of our Colorado Roots.
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