Being Golden.

I’m on a mission. When I launched the Cloud now almost five years ago, nothing was going to stop me from creating a fresh, calm and peaceful spot on the radio.

It worked.

My vision was to create a place on the radio dial where listeners could hear both great music and local voices from our community doing good work.

Even in the face of the pandemic the Cloud remains filled with local voices (and music) each and everyday.

It’s true that some of these voices support the Cloud with advertising (that’s how we pay the bills).

In fact, the Cloud has over 200 advertisers supporting my vision well into 2021 and we have opened our airwaves to even more non-profits and faith based service organizations in these very uncertain times.

I’m very grateful.

All the voices you hear in the Cloud are it paying forward.

Collectively making Golden a better place to live with faith, hope and confidence in a better way of life and providing valuable services to the community we serve.

We call it: Being Golden.

Our latest featured non-profit is the Golden based Neighborhood Rehab Project.

The Neighborhood Rehab Project: Be a Tool award winning promotional video short.
Learn more with founder Dan Thoemke from Be a Tool.

We are constantly seeking out these groups and individuals to spread the word too.

That’s my promise.

Until we meet again, be good to people and smile (even behind that mask).

My very best for a better tomorrow,

Chuck Lontine has been building radio brands in Colorado and Northern California since 1976

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  1. Hello,
    I just “discovered” you the other night! I have finally found a great radio station that not only plays a great variety of music and has Mike Casey but also promotes our wonderful city of Golden and local businesses. I actually enjoy your ads since they are prevalent to Golden and the surrounding area. Keep up the great work and music!

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