You’re Not Stuck at Home. You’re Safe at Home.

How the Corona virus hijacks your body is easy to understand. Coughing and sneezing can expel virus-laden droplets onto nearby people and surfaces, where the virus can remain infectious for several hours to several days.

In our guest podcast with Dr. Joe Ramos he likens those droplets with this imagery.

Dr. Joe Ramos with Ramos Law in Applewood.

Imagine, the rays of sunshine through a window that expose tiny particles in the air. In his podcast with colleague Dr. Jim Hoven, he explains that as we make contact with one another, we’re exposed those tiny droplets.

In our second Podcast with Christine Billings (an epidemiologist with Jefferson County Public Health) points out that “germs don’t jump, they are spread person to person” and social distance is a safe distance.

Christine Billings with Jeffco Public Health.

The spread of a virus like COVID-19 is a result of direct exposure to someone that has contracted the virus and may not even know it.

We actually interviewed Christine on a Friday and by the weekend, recorded a new one that Monday as we entered the first stages of infections in Colorado.

With ever changing information we suggest Jeffco’s website.

Click for the latest COVID-19 Information from Jeffco Public Health.

In our latest Podcast: we explore the symptoms of the virus, the importance of staying home, social distancing and how to best cope with the realities of COVID-19 in Colorado.

[CLICK HERE to listen to all our Podcast]

Our latest guest is Dr. Daniel Bennett, MD from Denver Pain & Spine.

Dr. Bennett takes us through a simple 5 point guide to navigate your life through COVID-19, what you can do to help those that are hurting the most and how you can stay healthy.

Dr. Bennett has been practicing medicine for 27 years. He graduated from The University of Miami School of Medicine and specializes in pain medicine and anesthesiology.

Dr. Bennetts advice is direct to the point.

The best way to avoid getting infected is to wash your hands with soap, avoid touching your face, keep your distance and regularly clean frequently used surfaces.

The best defense is to observe the now state mandated stay home order, stay socially distanced from others in public and keep those hands clean.

Its very easy to be polite if someone is getting too close. Just kindly ask them to step back while putting your hand on your heart with direct eye contact and a smile.

It’s also advised to keep your distance when in contact the elderly and you might even consider having a mask on.

In the midst of all of this? Leave it to the family of Mel Brooks to find a little humor in the middle of a crisis.

You can also tune to 96.9 the Cloud in Golden throughout the coming days to hear more updates from CBS News.

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