Rateliff Roots: Colorado.

Nathaniel Rateliff is returning to his folk singer roots with his brand new album and just announced “And…It’s Still Alright Tour” that will land the artist back home for a show at Red Rock’s in Morrison.

Nathaniel Rateliff is returning to his roots as a folk singer.

The Colorado based music giant gained widespread acclaim fronting his powerful soul sound with The Night Sweats.

That sound went on to fuel a chain of hits featured on radio, television and even a few movie soundtracks. Adding the artist to the Colorado music roots of Train, The Fray and Lumineers.

Come to think of it?

That Colorado list also includes Tommy Bolin, Firefall, Dan Fogelberg and Earth Wind & Fire.

Not too shabby.

At ease. At peace. At home in Colorado.

Nathaniel is also known for his good natured wonderfulness that has endeared him to his adopted state of Colorado (he’s actually from the midwest).

The new tour will kick off this year and land him back home to Red Rocks with a new smoking hot band and a new album that will feature his entire discography.

Save the date: August 26, 2020.

In the meantime, you can enjoy his latest daily on 96.9 the Cloud in Golden and anytime online.

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