Falling With Style.

Puddles. Nothing but puddles. 

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While the rest of the country is frozen. Colorado’s oddly warm weather during the day and freezing temps at night are creating little morning ice patches.

If you’re like the rest of us, there’s a dog to walk, a paper to retrieve and simple navigation to your car or light rail can be a slippery slope.

The best advice is to make sure you are first, fully awake and wearing sensible shoes when venturing out in the early morning hours.

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Stay Limber and Alert

But if you should slip and fall. Take the fall like you might on your mountain bike.

Roll into a forward fall and remember to tuck that chin in if heading downward on your backside.  

But there is more to being safe on Colorado’s shaded trails and walkways, which tend to ice up even on the warmest of days here in Jeffco and daily at the resorts.

World Class Trails Await in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Step One: Your Feet.

Shoes and boots should have slip resistant soles.

Comfort is important too, but to make sure your favorite running or walking shoes are little safer consider something like Korkers (which come off and store with ease).

Think of Korkers as a safety helmut for your feet.

Korkers are a Jeffco favorite and can be found at Runners High in Golden and its new breathtaking location in Morrison, Colorado (in the old Red Rocks Chapel at the base of Entrance 3).

Runners High and Korkers are a Jeffco Favorite!

Every step you take in the ice and snow could be a slip-and-fall in the making.

Step Two: Take smaller steps.

Bend forward slightly, go slow and sure footed as possible when it’s icy or snowy (good life advice too actually).

Lastly, always have a plan if you get hurt to contact help. Especially when hiking or running alone.

Nice and easy does it every time.

If you fall? We suggest you take it all in (unless you need immediate medical attention). Taking a breather might be the best medicine.

You never know, might be a nice cloud up there in the open air to brighten your day!

It’s all about Jefferson County in the Cloud!


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