Coffee That Matters in Littleton.

Long a Colorado favorite at area Farmers Market’s, Dirt Coffee Bar is now open in Historic Downtown Littleton.

The converted and equally charmed mid-century home of Dirt Coffee is located at 5767 South Rapp Street (on the same block as the original historic home of the Littles).

As soon as you pull into the drive, you can feel that you’re in for something very special.

You’ll soon find out why.

Dirt is on a very special journey, creating tasty handcrafted food, exceptional coffee and employing & empowering individuals with Autism.

The Welcoming Smile of Emily Wallace Director of Employment.

In our opinion, Dirt Coffee will soon become the piazza of Historic Down Town Littleton.

Dirt Coffee is a warm environment with skilled and friendly baristas, blended with the fine aroma and flavor of freshly ground + brewed coffee that matters.

The Cloud sat down with Executive Director, Lauren Burgess (M.Ed) to learn more about this very special place in the heart of our community.

The equally thoughtful and mindful Lauren Burgess, M. Ed.
Tell us about your inspiration to launch Dirt Coffee?
I’ve been working with individuals with Autism for over a decade and continue to be surprised at just how difficult it is for them to find a job.
With 90% of people with autism either unemployed or underemployed, it’s time for a change and I figured a coffee shop is the perfect place to begin making that change.
There’s something for everyone at Dirt Coffee Bar.
How’s it going?
So far, incredible. The community has been very supportive and is doing great keeping us busy!
A Great Cup of Coffee for a Great Cause: Autism.
What’s next?
Our internship program is set to launch next month and we hope to bring on about 10 individuals with autism to come in and learn new job skills.
Throughout her career, Lauren has founded organizations, like Dirt, with a mission to empower individuals living on the spectrum though community.
She has served on a number of boards including Colorado’s Coalition of Autism Professionals, Autism Society of Colorado, South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and Alliance.
In 2016, Lauren was elected to serve as City Commissioner on Denver’s Commission for People with Disabilities. While advocating for public policies that positively impact individuals with disabilities.
Treat yourself soon and find out why coffee matters in Littleton.