Beet Your Energy Crisis!

(Golden, Colorado):  Jenson Olson from Golden’s Natural Grocers is heard daily on 96.9 the Cloud. This season, she has some healthy tips to gain more strength, energy and health.

In her own words, here’s Jenson:

Jenson Olson, MNT at Natural Grocers in Golden.

Greetings Colorado friends, what is your definition of optimal health? Does it include deep sleep, an immune system that stands up to the grubbiest of children, or the ability to sit up without emitting a mysterious sound? I bet you also pictured vibrant energy.

Having balanced energy levels is certainly a recognized aspect of good health and we are in an energy crisis. Our booming $20 billion energy drink industry is a clear sign of an energy deficiency but, I think we can do better.

Super Beets!

One simple step you can take towards better energy is to add more greens and beets to your plate. Green plant foods like kale, spirulina, and wheat grass contain chlorophyll that supports oxygen levels while beets can increase blood flow to our active muscles. Look for beet bunches that still have their greens and try Roasted beet and sautéed beet greens for dinner tonight. Spiralize different beets varieties for a brilliant and colorful dish. Or, maybe ditch the energy drink for sparkling beet juice.

Natural Grocers in Golden, Colorado.

Friends, we can beet the energy crisis. This is Jenson Olson from Natural Grocers in Golden CO. Be well, be awake and be loved: Welcome to the Cloud.




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