Kelly Is Making a Difference in Golden.

We live in a very caring society in the west and The Golden Christian Action Guild is a key part of our community.

It might be due in part to its energetic and compassionate director Kelly Ivan. She started first as a volunteer, and in 2016 became the first compensated employee in the Guild’s 50-plus year history.
One measure at a time, the Guild provides food, affordable clothing and hope to those in need from its humble and charming location at 1401 Ford Street in Golden.
This week, the Cloud sat down with Kelly to learn more about the work of this very special place in the county seat of Jefferson.
In her own words, meet Kelly Ivan, Operations Manager of The Golden Christian Action Guild.
Tell us about your history with CAG:
The CAG has been in business since 1966. I have been with the CAG since October 2014. Started out as a volunteer and was hired as their first-ever paid employee in October 2016 as the Operations Manager. We are very busy at the CAG providing food and other services to an average of 350 Golden residents a month.  This includes families, veterans, homeless and seniors.  Thanks to our thrift shop and donors we are able to purchase food and other supplies to serve our Golden community. We are always looking for volunteers to help out.
Tell us about some upcoming events for people that want to help?
One upcoming event is our Postal Food Drive. We partner with the local post office and Lions Club. We will need volunteers to help sort and stock approx 25,000 pounds of food that will come in from the post office in May.  The date is still to be determined.  Every year we host a Santa Shop for our clients and their families. The parents will be invited to attend the Santa Shop and shop for free from new toys, clothes, books, games and much more for each child in their family.  We reach out to our local merchants and have a toy drive and/or a monetary partnership to help purchase items for the Santa Shop.
If you’d like to help or make a donation, we encourage you to contact Kelly at 303-279-5674 or visit them online:

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