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Jeffco’s SNAP Program Promotes Healthy Eating.

(Wheat Ridge, Colorado): If you had the choice between buying a fruit or vegetable from your local, neighborhood farmer or from halfway across the country, which would you choose? Every time you buy local food, you’re making the conscious choice to support your local community.

Local food supports our local economy, and it’s fresher and healthier for you and your family.

Organic Fresh Fruit in Wheat Ridge

But for many Coloradans, it can be a challenge to afford enough food for the month, let alone afford local, healthy food. That’s where Double Up Food Bucks comes in.

Open Year Round in Wheat Ridge

Double Up Food Bucks is a program to help families who use SNAP, or food stamps, access local, healthy food. When families shop at area farmers markets, like Four Seasons Farmers Market in Wheat Ridge (the only year-round farmers market in Jefferson County) they can double their SNAP Dollars and bring home more healthy Colorado produce.

So, when customers spend $1 on any SNAP eligible item at Four Seasons, like milk, bread, eggs or meat, they receive $1 for Colorado-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a $1 to $1 match so if you spend $5, you get $5. If you spend $10, you get $10 — up to $20 every time you visit area farmers markets.

Artisan Creations at Four Seasons Market

You don’t have to wait until spring for your next market visit. Four Seasons Farmers & Artisan Market will be open all winter long. The market is located at 7043 West 38th Avenue (just east of Wadsworth).

From True Roots Farm in Arvada

To learn more about the Food Stamp/SNAP Double Up Program, please visit us at: www.doubleupcolorado.org


I’m Jenna Metzinger with Jefferson County Public Health. Welcome to the Cloud!


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