Pumpkin Spiced Everything!

(Golden, Colorado): Greetings Colorado, it’s Autumn! For some, it’s our favorite time of year. The weather is just right for those outdoor workouts, blissful mountain escapes, scarves and in case you missed the memo: pumpkin spice everything. Often we begin this fresh season with goal crushing gusto; the same winds of change that blow through the valley, sing in our soul. And then, right as we are soaring high with our meal prepping, our career and family plans for the next 5 years, and a 10K training program in full swing…the holidays are here. This time of would-be celebration, can also be the death of many of our health goals.

Well hey, maybe not this year!

Did you know that with some crafty preparation, cauliflower can pass for rice? It can also hide in a delicious gluten-free stuffing and no one’s the wiser. We live in a Golden age of gluten free options. Have you ever made a Mocktail using Perrier and Kombucha? Why, they’re delightful and hangover free!

Why not simply make all of those vegetables organic and significantly reduce your pesticide exposure? Prepare that holiday waissal using less sugar and more spices to warm your guests and sooth digestion. Now that post-Thanksgiving meal walk, can be a pleasant breath of fresh air rather than an attempt to not pass out.

Don’t let this holiday season railroad your health and wellness. Find your personal ways to be what I call “sneaky healthy” this holiday season and find out just how much more you may enjoy the time spent with family and friends.

Your 2018 self will thank you!

This is Jenson Olson with Natural Grocers in Golden, Colorado. Be well, Be awake and be loved. Welcome to the Cloud!